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The Grumpy Stew podcast

Jun 19, 2019

The Grumpy One is back with another thrilling, (perhaps even exhilarating), episode of The Grumpy Stew Podcast.

Ok, calm down.

* I rant about one particular pet peeve I have with fellow stews.
* Mind the shameless plug for a moment.
* I then show you guys a picture I took of the lav after returning from Rome. I swear it's the work of a Jackal.
* Then I rant about the bobbleheads (AKA the burka durka people) and how an AVML lady annoyed me.
* BTW, don't tell the obvious lez that black coffee is "manly."
* I have a nasty habit of messing with waiters.
* And I tend to notice regional driving habits.

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