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The Grumpy Stew podcast

Jul 4, 2020

In this episode of The Grumpy Stew Podcast, the Grumpy One regales you with an expletive-filled rant about selfish jerks who refuse to wear the friggin' mask.

PS: Just wear the effin's mask, ok??

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Don't be a jerk and wash your...

Jul 1, 2020

This is the first 15 minutes of an audiobook narrated by yours truly. This cute book written by Ryan Hunter is available in print on Amazon, and soon the audiobook will be available on Audible. Check by periodically for the release date. (The book is still languishing at Audible Quality Control...

Apr 28, 2020

Today's episode is a conversation between The Grumpy One and the woman behind the social media sensation Jumpseat Confessionals. Jumpseat Confessionals is a Canadian-based flight attendant, with a social media community of flight attendants on Twitter and Instagram.

In this episode, we discuss the COVID disaster and how...

Confessions of a Trolley Dolly

Apr 17, 2020

Today the man and the legend behind Confessions of a Trolley Dolly joins me in a wide-ranging conversation about flight attendant life and the state of the industry in the COVID-19 era.


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Jan 3, 2020

Well, the Grumpy One is back with a post-holiday episode. Initially, this episode was to be released to YouTube on NYE, however, I decided to edit out a four-minute digression about my neighbor and her dogs. While saving the edit, the audio file for the YouTube version somehow became corrupted. So, this one is...